Welcome Book Lovers, Animal Lovers and men and women of the world!

I hope you find something to interest you in my blog. I wanted a place to share my love of books, make some sense of the Universe, and possibly make some friends along the way. If you like what you see, please feel free to comment, and if you are a fellow book lover or animal lover, it's a pleasure to know you. Come back any time and share your day with me!

Travel The Shelf

Imagine a virtual shelf that never ends. Every square inch covered by an infinite array of books, title after title available for your perusal. On this shelf readers will find not only books that I have read, but my TBR mountain and books that have made an impression on me.  While I may not own them yet, in my travels I will seek them out. Those books I find or are suggested to me have a place here also. I welcome comments on books others have read, positive or negative, feedback and suggestions. This is a page for book lovers. Come on ...travel the shelf.