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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jury Duty

I do have jury duty! I have to report tom'w a.m. I think I will enjoy the experience. I will not reveal the case so don't even ask. Save your thumbscrews and your electric prods...I'm not telling. I hope I get chosen but I also hope I don't have to eat my words because I have a bad habit of falling asleep when I sit still for too long. I will have to move around or I will start to nod. How embarrasing will that be, there is nowhere to hide! I'm getting nervous now. I'm going to sleep early. Just reading a little "John Adams" by David McCullough. I'm loving it! I'll get up bright and early with the husband tom'w a.m. and off to the courthouse. I'll report in later. Have a great and lawful day.

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